Pool Noodle Ideas I

  • Pool Noodle car wash
  • Pool noodle slope ball racing
  • Pool noodle golfing
  • Child preparing to jump over pool noodle
  • Child hopping over pool noodle
  • Kids jumping over pool noodles
  • Kids and adult indoors playing with pool noodles
  • Jack-o-Lantern ball

Pool noodles are a wonderful accessory to any therapy gym program. They are bendable, bright colored the perfect size for balancing on. Here are some other ideas:

=Split noodle down the middle and roll marbles down the center, make it a race and see visual skills improve.
=Use as a javelin to throw thru hoops
=Use in place of hands to pick up items
=Make them into an enlarged croquet course
=Hold over head while walking a curb for balance
=Make a pretend car/people wash for sensory and body awareness.
=Have client lay down on top of a pool noodle for helping with spinal alignment.
=To hear ones voice better, just hold one end of a noodle to your mouth and the other to your ear and talk away.
=Tape them into circles and place them on the floor for jumping in and out of.
=Place them under the parallel bars in a hospital gym to step over.

Share your pool noodle ideas with your Brilliant Therapy Team!

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