Penciled Spider & Flies

Yes, this is just like the Forked Spider & Fly, except you can use a pencil or cotton swab to spread out the paint to create spider legs. They usually end up a bit thicker so make your paint blob a bit bigger.
This is a fun way to get writing, visual motor, visual perceptual, visual spacial, and speech skills worked on.
Enjoy it and definitely check out the Forked Spider & Fly to compare.
SUPPLIES: paint, pencil, glue stick, 2 google eyes, 1 colored paper, and print out your flies.
DIRECTIONS: 1. Have clients locate the center of the colored paper with their finger.
2. Then have them draw lines outward to the four corners and vertical and horizontally.
3. Write and cut out the flies.
4. Paste the flies on the web, leaving a space to put the spider.
5. Place paint where the spider body will be and use a pencil tip to draw paint outward to look like legs.
6. Glue on google eyes.
Enjoy this fun therapy craft, and let us know what you have created? Together we are making therapy better!
Download the PDF for Penciled Spider & Flies

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