Partner Challenge: Styrofoam Cup

Therapeutic activities can be beneficial when 2 people must work together to accomplish a task.This increases cognition, coordination, and motor planning skills and so much more. This is wonderful for middle school kids or with adult clients.
SUPPLIES: 1 rubber band, 12 styrofoam/plastic cups, 4 pieces of string/yarn
DIRECTIONS: Tie each of the 4 strings on to 1 rubber band. Then let each person take hold of 2 of the 4 strings, 1 in each hand. By pulling simultaneously clients can expand the rubber band to fit over the cup and then release pulling in order for the rubber band to connect on to the cup allowing the clients to then move the cup. Repeat process to abandon the cup to retrieve another one.
This can spur on communication and coordination, while encouraging visual task attention.
OPTIONS: Relay races (this can be done in wheelchairs or walkers), lifting or cooking, drumming the same rhythm, synchronized dance movers, and trying to imitate each others movements in real time.
Try looping theraband together so that each client has hold of the ends of their theraband and they are all looped thru each other at the center. Everyone has to pull on their theraband at the same time to keep where all the therabands are looped at the center stationary. We have put in some other pictures that may give you more ideas.
Download the PDF for Partner Challenge: Styrofoam Cup

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