Paper Turkey Template I

  • Complete paper turkey
  • Colorful complete paper turkeys
  • Kid drawing on turkey print out
  • Kid drawing on turkey print out
  • Gluing paper turkey
  • Gluing paper turkey together
  • Complete paper turkey
  • Putting paper turkey together
  • Colorful paper turkey
  • Colorful paper turkeys

This colorful favorite is all about cutting, coloring, and keeping the steps in mind until the end.
Helpful Tips: You can color/paint the feathers, copy them on colored paper, or use real feathers. This task is a wonderful way to teach organizational strategies such as placing cut out feathers on a dot placed on the table so that they are not accidentally all over the floor.
One more tip, is to place glue near turkey body center so that you can slip the turkey feathers under the body edge.
Enjoy this wonderful activity that develops so much.
BTW We have included 1 picture of the Turkey version with colored paper feathers, in case this is an option you were considering.
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Download the PDF for Paper Turkey Template I

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