Paper Strip Tree: Write & Talk

  • Paper sheets and strips with glue and scissors
  • Cutting out Christmas tree outline
  • Cut out piece of paper Christmas tree
  • Glue lines on paper Christmas tree
  • Paper strip Christmas tree

Cut a triangle and you can make a variety of trees. Trees to help with not only top to bottom orientation, but keyboarding and writing therapy fun!

SUPPLIES: colored paper, glue, scissors, glitter (optional)
DIRECTIONS: Fold paper in half and draw half a triangle then cut and open it. Glue strips and then trim excess and decorate.
For writing: Write words or sentences that fit the theme. For keyboarding: Type out sentences on colored paper and then cut into strips, or print them on regular white paper then cut glue them on top of the colored paper strips.

NOTE: When clients trim up the strips to match the tree shape, they also teach the brain about angles.

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