Paper Strip Heart

  • Glued down paper strips on drawn heart
  • Writing on paper strips
  • Writing on glued paper strips
  • Cutting out paper strip heart
  • Writing on glued paper strips
  • Writing on glued paper strips

Paper strip hearts are easy to prepare and are very adaptable. Writing on paper strips helps kids keep appropriate letter sizes and be more line aware.
SUPPLIES: Have a paper shape (heart, whale, star, mummy man[black paper] etc.), glue stick, and colored paper strips.

OPTIONAL DIRECTIONS: Have clients glue paper strips on to paper shape base and then use scissors to trim or tear off the part of the paper strip that extends beyond the base shape.
You may choose to glue on to regular 8×11 paper and then use a stencil or draw a shape to cut out as shown.

PT: Place or have clients place one therapy move on each strip after the strips have been glued and cut onto your heart shape.

ST: Place words, questions, or oral exercises on each strip after they have been glued down and trimmed.

OT: Clients can practice writing on paper strips as well as putting down sensory regulation tips or strategies.

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