Paper Squares Pictures

This activity is wonderful for top to bottom visual memory and scanning skills as well as visual-motor skills. Easy preparation and full of skill building moments await you with this tool. It has become a favorite with many of our therapists.

DIRECTIONS: Take 1 paper (8X11) and colored paper that is cut into 1 inch squares. Using a glue stick, have clients place the colored squares on to the background paper going from top to bottom, left to right.  Next you will ask clients to draw a house and trees and bushes by the house on another sheet of white paper. Next cut them out the drawings and paste them on the the background paper (the one with all the squares pasted on it).
OPTIONS: You may have kids draw a self portrait or a school bus, as well as shapes such as a star or heart. For older clients that need this type of skill building activity, try having them trace a picture or draw something of choice and then they can glue it on their background.

Share your creations that engage your clients and get therapy accomplished!

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