Paper Bag Fox & Raccoon

Fall is the time we think of woodland creatures. Have fun making raccoons and foxes while you build fine-motor and cognitive skills.
SUPPLIES: Brown paper, scissors, marker, and paint.
DIRECTIONS: 1. Cut out 1 large triangle for the face and 2 small triangles for the ears. (If you are making a raccoon, then you will want 1 black paper strip to place over the eye area and then paint or place eyes on it).
2. Draw the eyes.
3. Glue ears on.
4. Paint as desired. (If making a raccoon face, you may want to paint the paper strip black or dark grey.)

OPTIONS: You can make a variety of animal faces and use brown wrapping paper or use Trader Joes grocery bags like what we did.
The paint can be applied with small sponges or stampers.
For beginning scissor skills, you may choose to make just 1 shape that includes head and ears.

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