Painter’s Card Pictures

  • Paint card frog

Being resourceful is an important form on intelligence. Understanding how different colors can be put together to form a picture is scary at first, but then clients start talking more and become absorbed in the task. Before you know it, everyone has something that they are surprised and pleased with.
SUPPLIES: A variety of painter’s sample cards, glue stick, scissors, and paper base to place card pieces on top of.
NOTE: The frog was done on top of a simple coloring page and the client cut and glued pieces onto the top of it. The second picture with the red background was done with nothing more than a piece of red construction paper to paste the cut up painter’s cards on to.
This task is best with encouraging prompts to start with.

OPTION:  You may want to have kids use a hand held hole puncher and punch a hole each time they do a task and then when they have holes around the outer edge, they can lace ribbon thru it and make it a book mark.

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