Painted Strawberry: I Love You Berry Much!

  • Finished Painted Strawberry I Love You Berry Much
  • Using pipe cleaner stem to paint strawberry
  • Glitter applicator to strawberry stem
  • Painted Strawberry project materials
  • Dipping hand into red paint
  • Food tray containing paint, markers and glue
  • Coloring strawberry stem print out
  • Washing hand of red paint
  • Completed Painted Strawberry: I Love You Berry Much
  • Finishing painted strawberry
  • Placing green stem on painted strawberry

This activity is full of skill building, and has a marker instead of paint version.
Some area’s targeted are: Sensory, fine motor, cognition (following directions, cause & effect, parts to whole,…), emotional/social, communication, and upper body strengthening. This can be done at a seated or standing level, as well as on the ground.
This is a fun way to make art meaningful and to increase body awareness, eye hand coordination, communication, and cognitive organization skills.
Two different strawberry stem sizes for different size hands are included just in case you want them.
SUPPLIES: Tray for paint, pipe cleaners/q-tip (to apply blackpaint), pencil, glue, red and black paint, and scissors.
OT: If you are working on keyboarding, have them type the message and perhaps add additional narrative. This can also be a good gift for a teacher or grandparents.

Download the PDF for Painted Strawberry: I Love You Berry Much

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