Painted Pine Cones

Painting pine cones can be meaningful and fun for clients of all ages and this activity works on a variety of skills such as standing tolerance, balance, visual-motor, and communication skills.
You can place them in a decorative bowl with lights or hang them on a tree. Any colors of paint work and glitter is optional.
DIRECTIONS: Check out the directions on the pdf.
SUPPLIES: Pine cones, paint, containers to roll painted cones in, glitter, and a ribbon, large paper clip, or pipe cleaner if hanging it on a tree.
OPTION: Young kids often like green paint and then want to glue on colored fuzz balls.
NOTE: By using glass baking dishes and plastic containers to shake cones in, we added a variety of different sounds. This activity can also be beneficial for improving social/emotional health by creating something that is from nature and being able to gift it to someone else.
ST: You can have kids answer a question or say a sentence for each fuzz ball or sequin that they glue on to their cone.

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Download the PDF for Painted Pine Cones

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