Owl Trader Game

Game Set Up:
-Each child is equipped with a picture of the owl they will need to duplicate with puzzle pieces made from the same picture.
-Place the picture in a file folder that is upright so the others cannot see the picture
-Have all owl picture puzzles (that match this file picture) mixed up in the center of the table
-Each player picks a puzzle piece that is face down from the center of the table until there are no more.  How to Play: Next they can assess what pieces they need to complete their puzzle and trade away the pieces that do not fit into their puzzle. For example, one trader may call out”2″ while holding up 2 pieces that they want to trace away and the other person may have found 2 that they want to trade away and make the  exchange/trade and then both traders look to see what new pieces they have and determine if they can use them to complete their puzzle.  If they could only use one piece that is wonderful.  They can call out “1” to trade away the piece they cannot use or combine it with other pieces that they cannot use and continue the process until they have all the pieces that they need to complete their puzzle.  The first trader to complete their puzzle wins!
NOTES:  Make sure all puzzles have the same number of pieces. Also, you may want to tell traders that they can trade any number of pieces away but they will want to trade for the same number of pieces that they are getting rid of.

Quick How to Play:
-Each player can trade away puzzle pieces that they don’t need to complete their puzzle by saying how many pieces they would like to trade. One piece for one piece, two pieces for two pieces, and so on. The play will say, “one, one!” and hold the unwanted puzzle piece up. If another player wants to trade pieces they may hold up their unwanted piece and trade it.
-The first player to complete their puzzle wins the game

>> Download Owl Trader pdf

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