Outdoor Sensory Motor Lab 1

  • String with floating bulb
  • Playing tubes
  • Bowling aim ramp
  • Rainbow parachute
  • Ladder toss rack and throwable bolas
  • Pool noodle walk through
  • Giant Connect Four
  • Giant bowl
  • Roller Racer
  • Rolling platform obstacle course
  • Stepping on half rubber spiked balls

Sensory Motor Lab’s are a wonderful way to improve body coordination and strength, self esteem, improved lung capacity, body awareness, social skills, sensory regulation, and reflex integration.
Some ideas to have in your outdoor or indoor lab are:
= Zoom Ball
=Parachute -we tied it to a tree so one person could move it up and down as our wheelchair clients went under it.
=Spin Board
=Pool noodle javelin
=Pool noodle jumping or marble/car tracks
=Roller Racers
=Tootie Launcher with bean bag
=Yoga mats with pictures
With all of this, you are guaranteed to have fun!

What do you use in your sensory lab? Share it with your Brilliant Therapy team.

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