October Obstacle Course -19

Obstacle courses can be made from a variety of items.
In this Obstacle course we used discarded containers and put a pumpkin face on the bottom of the containers and then let kids place the opening on a hook.
We also, had them carry (vampire blood- water with some red paint) up and down stairs.
If you can create a story for all the elements in your obstacle course it will be more interesting and meaningful to your kids.
Sometimes we have OT & PT’s using the same obstacle so it course, so it is important to have both gross motor and fine motor skill development. So remember to use a variety of movements and check out more of the pdf’s that we have for making your obstacle course a success.
If you are going to be making a variety of courses, it is worth getting the eBooks on obstacle courses and printing out the supportive pdf’s for obstacle course success.
Share your successful courses with your Brilliant Therapy Team! Together we make therapy better!

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