Obstacle Course Lines

Lines can be helpful for elderly people to know where to go or look, where to place their keys, shoes, or papers, and can help them see a dangerous step in their garage. Simply said, lines help therapist’s in many ways.

Lines are useful in an obstacle course. They help kids see where they need to go, assist with balance, and make it fun.

Lines in a classroom are wonderful for letting kids know where their bodies or chairs belong, and for helping them sort out their environment. For example, you may have taped a box shape on the floor at their desk where their chair should be at all times, and then have a tape mark on the floor where they should stand in line, and another taped out area in a corner where they may do Sensory modulation moves such a Reset Station (The Reset Station ebook will be made available in Resources).

Try placing items on your line to jump on or over, arrows to show what way to turn, or just simply to walk on.

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