Name Things: List of categories (Scategories)

Here is a list of 63 topics where your client can try listing items that would fall under that category. For example, if the topic is Body Parts, they may call out; arm, leg, ear lobe, etc.
This list is wonderful to use in the SNF and School Settings. Great for:
*Cognition (thinking speed, memory, thought organization, and anxiety management)
*Receptive & Pragmatic Language skills
*Social/Emotional skill building
*Ages 5+
*Writing skills-Have client write down as many items related to the topic as they can in 3 minutes
*Data collection-You will need a timer so you can see how many items from a category in a set amount of time.
*Name Things is easy to adapt to a wide variety of skill levels simultaneously. For example, you may have 2 different clients calling out items from Body Parts, but the higher level client will only be able to call off body parts that are smaller than a dollar bill.
*Name Things is easy to incorporate into a game or activity. For example, you may ask each person to call out an item from the selected category each time they toss a ball or balloon to another player.

OPTIONAL ADULT TOPICS may include: things you don’t want to get in the mail, what you don’t want to run out of at home, or names in the news.

Note: You can also have clients come up with more specific topics. For example, instead of holidays, you may choose Thanksgiving and then players will need to generate items related to that more specific topic.

Download PDF for Name Things: List of categories (Scategories)

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