Mom U R Pear-Fect!

  • Paper plate cut out
  • Tracing paper plate
  • Dipping finger tip in paint
  • Finger painting paper plate cut out
  • Finger painting paper plate piece
  • Completed U Are Pear-fect
  • Finger painting paper plate pear
  • U Are Pear-fect and You Are Grape projects

This activity is a winner. As you can tell, it allows for individuality and skill building all in one shot. It can also work for grandparents day!
-1 Paper Plate
-Green & White Paint (or just light yellow and/or light green paint)
-1 marker (for writing)
– pipe cleaner (for hanging on door knob)
-hand held hole puncher (optional)
TIP: Your pear will look better if the leaves are darker or lighter than the pear itself. Let the paint dry before writing on it with a marker.
ST: You may use this tool to encourage talking about how others feel when we give them something and what it means. Lots of social skills can be addressed with this.
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