Make a sentence…

You can use any pictures you want (some are included for your convenience or and you can get more to cut out by going to our I Spy sheets and Say & See eBook). Kids can add to their board (paper) by placing words or pictures on it. We added one to get you off to quick start. Simple fun learning!

PT: You may have kids put small pictures of exercises on each time the get it done. If you need pictures you may find what you need with I SPY Moves or by looking at Social Emotional Sensory Bracelet found in OT section under the Social/Emotional category or in Resources.

OT/ST: You may find this helpful for motivating food tolerance. Just let them put on the foods clients have tried on to their board. It helps them see progress and instills a feeling of accomplishment.

Let us know what you think? This is a fun easy to do activity and we always want to provide more fun skill building opportunities.

Download PDF for Make a sentence…

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