Letter Dot Doodle

Doodling is overwhelming for many clients, so here is a tool to help build skills that may lead to increased fine motor control, calming, sensory modulation, or correct letter formations.
This tool is versatile so that you can slant it to meet your needs and can be used for clients of all ages.
ST: You may want to have kids say a word and then put play doh inside each dot. You can also print out letters and have kids put the letters inside the bubbles when they say the correct sound.
OT: Besides doodling, letter formations, fine motor skills (place small balls of play doh in each bubble dot), or stamping the dots when each task is completed, you can work on food tolerance, by coloring (or placing a sticker) a bubble dot for each sip or taste. If you want to work on visual memory, just print out 2 and have them doodle/write in the first page of dots, then give them second one and see if they can duplicate it by memory.
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