Large Numbers 1 – 12

These numbers may be good for beginning writing skills, but they are a super neat tool to have for an obstacle course too!
We included a decorative and printer friendly version.
OT: You may also have kids write the numbers around the number form. Yes these are great for the obstacle course, but you can also make a game with them. (See PT idea)
You can have them place the corresponding number of stickers or fuzz balls around the number after they have drawn it.
ST: You may give kids a number and have them find the same number of items around the room or answer that number of questions, articulation drills…
PT: Kids enjoy picking a number and then you pick the exercise that needs to be done that number of times. Then try switching it around to get some giggles.

Hey! Have you created some fun tools too? Share them with the team. Together we are making therapy better!

Download the PDF for Large Numbers 1 – 12

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