Jazzy Mandala Circles Painting Wall

This colorful wall is inspiring and builds skills.
*Construction paper in many colors
*Finger paint (acrylic) that is bright or fluorescent
*Glue or a stapler to attach it to the wall or butcher paper base
*You will want to have access to a sink and may choose to use paint brushes

This is fabulous for increasing;
-motivation for writing as well as art
-patterning & shape awareness
-Cognition- direction following and group collaboration
– Self expression
-Emotional Regulation
-Beginning writing
-Spacial orientation
-Task tolerance- wonderful for use at a stand table for adults as well.

Tips for success:
-Cut out circles of varying shapes and colors (minimum 2 inches in diameter)
-Draw your crayon patterns prior to painting (pastels also work well)
-Have several examples available
-Demonstrate 1 circle and how you can build it from the center outward repeating pattern creating circle after circle of fun

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