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If you have not used any of the other iSPY tools (such as Mad, Fearful,…) this may not work for you.
This is designed to be modified to address specific awareness of what we see around us. You fill in the title with something like; in the park, on the bus, my backyard, at the mall, by the pool, in my room, etc. Then you take pictures an place them in the large box. Now you can have the client locate what is in the box in the world around them.
We hope that this is a helpful tool for those special clients of yours.
OPTION: You can also copy pictures or words from a story and then have the client find them. Don’t be afraid to use this with a head trauma client by even placing clips of paragraphs from a newspaper in the large box, and then having them find them.
For those little clients, you can even cut up parts of a cereal box and put them on the iSPY paper and then use another cereal box for them to locate the parts you selected.


Click here to download the PDF

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