Instruments For Therapy

  • Woman playing piano

Due to the elevated brain activity with the use of instruments, therapists are using instrumental therapy tools more than ever before. In the featured picture, we played a song that had a beat that our clients were able to pick out, listen to and then tap out on their ball that was stabilized by laundry baskets or taped pool noodle bases.  They were asked to listen first, then tap out beat with 1 rhythmic stick before adding 2 sticks and fancy moves. Below are some of the instrumental tools that are currently popular:
+ Autoharp
+ Harmonica
+ Piano keyboard
+ iPAD apps such as Dust Busters
+ Kazoo
+ Boomwhackers
+ Music Glove (especially good for stroke hand recovery)
+ Rhythm Sticks
+ Adapted instruments & so many more.
A more complete instrument list is included in the printable.
NOTE: Each client will have preferences so to be effective, you may want to monitor their responses. This includes radio music.
Occupational therapists are using more musical tools with elderly clients so that they can also simultaneously address social and emotional needs with elderly clients.
Download the PDF for Instruments For Therapy

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