I SPY: Pasta Water Bottle

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This is a fun task, especially at a fine motor obstacle course. It involves; visual-motor, visual perceptual, UE coordination, and visual attention skills.
SUPPLIES: Water bottle, rice or alphabet pasta, and any small items that will fit into the bottle.
DIRECTIONS: Gather up your small items and place them on a copier. Make a copy of them and type/write them up on a sheet of paper. Place them and the pasta into the bottle and secure the cap. Now you are ready to build skills!
IDEAS FOR SMALL ITEMS: (pdf contains a longer list)
-foam shapes or letters
-birthday candle
-google eyes
-bow tie pasta
-marbles and the list continues. Just look around and see what is available.
BTW We also included our Sensory Bin Ideas List for you as well.
Download PDF for I SPY: Pasta Water Bottle
Download PDF for Sensory Bin Ideas

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