Hearts: Transforming Exercises

  • Exercise hearts on paper strips
  • Kid standing and stretching to Heart papers
  • Heart Cut outs with assorted exercises
  • Laminated hearts on strips with various exercises
  • Displayed striped hearts with exercises
  • Exercise hearts on paper strips
  • Assorted exercises on hearts

With 9 different colors used for the outline, you can have fun coloring or copying them on colored paper. They are printer friendly and fun to use. Cut them out and place them on a paper strip or pick them out of a box and use a clothespin to hang them up after they have done the exercise.
Now that you have the idea, you can make your own. You may choose to make several so that you can target each kid with one designed specifically for them.
Some elderly and psych populations also enjoy these.

Download the PDF for Hearts: Transforming Exercises

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