Hearts Stencil Fun

  • Crayon drawn hearts
  • Folder, colored pencils and scissors
  • Cut out paper heart
  • Crayon drawn hearts
  • Crayon drawn hearts
  • Crayon drawn hearts
  • Crayon drawn hearts
  • Coloring paper hearts on folder
  • Markers and drawn hearts

This activity uplifts the spirits and helps develop visual-motor skills, UE strengthening (especially if done at standing level with paper on a wall), and allows for creativity with varied lines.
SUPPLIES: 1 file folder, scissors, paper, and markers/pencils.
DIRECTIONS: Have client cut out desired shapes on the file folder and then cut them out (refer to video) and shade in the stencil space with dominant hand while securing it with the other hand/digits.
ADAPTIONS: One-handed clients should have the stencil secured by painters tape or have partner secure it while they color in the stencil space.
OPTIONS: For more writing or additional speech skills, have clients place words on a designated topic inside the stencil space. This concept can be used for many holidays by just changing the shape cut in the stencil. You may use shapes such as a star, pumpkin, shamrock, or tree.
Download the PDF for Hearts Stencil Fun

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