Handprint Paper Sunflowers

  • Hand print sunflowers
  • Hand print sunflowers

Kids may need lots of repetition until they connect the dots. This activity assists in the following skills: body awareness (tracing around fingers), understanding how different parts make up a whole, thinking skills (following directions), and bilateral integration skills.
SUPPLIES: black (background can be another color), yellow, green, and brown paper, glue, scissors, pencil
DIRECTIONS: Place hand down with fingers apart on yellow paper and trace. Cut out several handprints-the number of prints is usually about 5 but it can depend on the size of your center circle. Cut out your brown center circle and glue yellow hand prints around the edge. Then twist green paper and glue it onto your black paper and then glue your flowers at the top of each green twisted paper stem. Enjoy!

OPTION: To make the cutting component of this task easier, have cut curved yellow strips that kids can just cut snips of paper out of it for the petals.

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