Handprint Acorn: Lacing

Here is a therapy task that addresses body awareness (especially digits), asymmetrical bilateral upper extremity coordination, hand strength, drawing, and visual motor skills.
SUPPLIES: Yarn, tape (to hold down yarn ends), pencil, glue stick, 2 different colors of paper (we used yardstick for the yellow), and hand held hole puncher.
DIRECTIONS: 1. Trace hand print and cut out acorn base.
2. Glue acorn base to the base of the handprint.
3. Punch out holes around the acorn base. (we planned the holes according to how we wanted to lace a pattern)
4. Use a piece of tape to secure the end of the yarn behind the acorn base. Now you can bring the yarn thru the holes that you punched.
OPTION: For clients that struggle with scissor skills, you may what to cut out their hand prints. You may want to laminate your acorn if you want to keep restringing it for practice.

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Download the PDF for Handprint Acorn: Lacing

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