Gumball Machine

  • Laminated colored circles

There are so many options with the Gumball Machine.
OT: Use it like a craft and place stickers, spangles, dots, or write in it. You can use it for alphabet learning if that is what you are working on. You can make a themed gumball machine by cutting out pictures that fit a chosen theme or just practice drawing circles. The options for skill-building are awesome.
PT: You may work on stairs, but have your autistic kids place a fuzz ball in the machine each time they climb the stairs. Kids will easily reach high if they get to place a sticker in it as well.
ST: This can be wonderful for collecting words or placing items of a particular group inside the gumball machine. You can also use it as a sticker chart. If articulation is a goal, you may have them write in the letters that they can say correctly.
We included some additional pictures that may help you in your search for the perfect tool. The jars are from our website so you can print them out as well.

Download the PDF for Gumball Machine

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