Grab an Apple: Beam Walk

Here is a wonderful visual that can be posted in your obstacle course so that your clients will know what is expected and be more motivated. If you do not have a balance beam, try using a split pool noodle (taped to the floor) or a 2×4 wooden plank.
We have added some other props that you may want and another version using stairs and a pillow.
OPTION: You can pick up a variety to items especially if you are also addressing grasping skills (paper clips, envelopes, wighted jugs, etc.) You may choose to walk on a curb and then squat to pick up items as well ( we added a curb balancing picture).
NOTE: I have added a picture of a pool noodle split in two. Obviously we used it for more than one activity. Another photo we included because it may make you think of options if you do not have typical tools- we had our older kids carry mats which they were happy to do.
Remember to get a friend to join and earn many more points! Together we are better!


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