Ghosts On A Line

Easy to make and a fun way to work on crossing midline, line awareness, drawing skills, and imagination communication.
3 options are shown. To cross midline, you can clip them (great for digital strengthening) and place them on another side of ones body, you can also punch a hole and slide them along a string. Sometimes all you need to do to motivate a child to follow directions, is to give them a ghost to hang each time they complete a task.
OT: For line awareness, make sure all the bottoms of the ghosts are flat so that they can be placed on a line. For hanging them with a clothes pin, you may want to use card stock paper, or glue them to some cardboard (as shown).
ST: Have kids make a Ghost sound or statement for each ghost that they hang. See who can hang the most ghosts. Another option that can be useful, is to let kids place a ghost up for each word/letter sound they say (as if collecting points). You can also suspend them in air by clipping them to a line, then have cleint blow each ghost and make it move.
PT: Let kids reach up to clip their ghost on a string. You can also place them on the floor and have them jump over them. Wheelchair clients can maneuver their wheelchair around them.

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