Fun Ball Tasks I

Balls are one of the most popular therapy tools and the possibilities to build skills with them are endless. Speech therapists may use them with games and velcro balls thrown at questions on a wall, occupational therapists may use them for hand strength and sensory regulation, and physical therapists may use them to balance on or to throw against a wall for ROM and eye-hand coordination.
OPTIONS: Ball dribbling, weighed ball toss, abdominal work, gluteus muscle work against the wall, over and underhand toss, throw and say games (call out a word from chosen category), picking up 3 or more balls between two hands, rolling marbles between finger tips or hide them in putty, rolling play doh into ball shapes, tap one foot on top of a ball while balancing on the other foot, and endless sports drills.

Here are some pictures to get the creative juices going!

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