Four-Leafed Clover Hunt

Looking for a clover can be like looking for a needle in the hay stack. Great for visual discrimination and memory skills.
Directions: Cut out clovers of different sizes and then cut out some 4-leafed clovers to mix in. You can vary the colors of green to make it more challenging for the eye. Mix them up and have client pull out the 4-leafed clovers in record time!
PT: Place clovers around a glance board or beam and have client try to retrieve them without losing their balance.
OT: Place clovers on table and retrieve the 4 leafed clovers or select by size, color, or place letters on them and write what they pick out.
ST: Place clovers on table and describe where they are without pointing to them. You will want to use several colors of green paper or make it easier with more colors.

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Download PDF for Four-Leafed Clover Hunt

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