Forked Spider & Flies

This task is a favorite with school based OT’s because not only are kids motivated to write, they also get to work on spacial awareness, visual tracking, visual motor integration, fine motor coordination, asymmetrical bilateral integration, and sensory tolerance.

SUPPLIES: Fork, dark colored paper, white pencil, lead pencil, glue stick, 2 goggle eyes, and paint.
DIRECTIONS: 1. Write letters on flies and set aside.
2. Locate center of colored paper and start making your web by drawing lines outward from the center of the paper to the edges.
3. Next draw lines around the center in a circular fashion from line to line.
4. Cut out flies and place the on the web.
5. Place small line of paint (about 1 inch), then take a fork and placing the fork tongs into the paint drag the paint outward to make legs.
6. Glue on goggle eyes.
PT: Have web made ahead of time and tape it to the wall of your gym. Next have clients reach up and place a fly on the web each time they complete a task.
ST: Have clients articulate a letter or say a word staring with a letter that they write on each fly before placing it on the web.
OT: It is all about the process, such as letting them find the center of the paper with their finger (spacial awareness) and then following the rest of the directions.
Download the PDF for Forked Spider & Flies

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