Folding Fish

  • folding fish
  • folding fish
  • folding fish
  • folding fish

Folding Fish is a wonderful way to work on speech as well as fine motor strength, coordination, wrist AROM, and visual perceptual skills. Kids do better with a model (especially for drawing the fish body) and will improve dexterity and visual tracking up and down with this task. All the fish take on unique personalities so have fun with this activity favorite!
Supplies: paper, markers, optional pencil
Directions: 1. Fold the paper (see video)
2. Draw fish outline (a model and tracing first with finger works well) starting with the lips.
3. Draw the strips. Unfold and finish connecting the stripes.
4. Color
5. Add words, etc. in the fish’s mouth.
ST: This has a way of encouraging expressive language, but it can also be adapted to work on fluency and speech exercises. Make the fish talk by folding and unfolding the fish as kids talk.

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