Flashlight iSpy

Flashlight iSpy fun is a great way to inspire kids to keep looking for things. Here they get to make their own, and as you can see, they sometimes add some embellishments such as “sea donuts” (those orange circles you see in the last picture).
We also used them as a template to write inside of when the kids were placing letters and fish into their sea. They would place the donut on top of the zip lock bag and write inside of it, then move it to another spot on the bag and repeat. This way we were able to work on spacial planning in addition to the other skills needed to complete the task.
SUPPLIES: 1 large gallon zip lock bag, 1 sheet of white paper, and sharpie marker.
DIRECTIONS: Print out the pdf or draw your own flashlight. Then use the sharpie to draw what you will want to look for in the heavens or sea. Cut out the flashlight and you can place it into the bag.
ST: Have kids make a sentence that contains the subject that they found (sea creature, fish, clam,…)

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Download the PDF for Flashlight iSpy

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