Fish Taco Swing

Why did we call it the Fish Taco Swing? Because we used fabric with fish on it. Kids loved it and we had fun swinging them back and forth. They also loved the cozy feel of the fabric around them.
Vestibular input to the brain is needed, so this is a fun way to get the job done.
SUPPLIES: Fabric large enough for kids to lay on and 2 pvc pipes (4 pvc cap ends are optional). 2 adults are needed to move the swing.
OPTIONS: You can use a flat bed sheet but without the pvc pipe, it is less stable and takes more staff effort to swing kids. You can also use a hammock with wood ends and then you only need 1 adult, but you will have to have some place to hook the hammock to. One other option is to place your pic pipes on top of 1 large tables with the fabric portion of your swing in between them.

Remember that there are many ways to scale a wall so you can get vestibular input using a spin board or spinning on an office chair.  Also remember that you should assess all your activities for safety.

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