Finicky Eaters: Strategies That Help

  • Cutting fruits on a cutting board
  • Young boy eating cookie
  • Kids stirring bowl of green frosting
  • Kid eating popsicle
  • Separating orange slices
  • Graham cracker houses on milk cartons
  • Kid holding tongs with line of assorted nuts
  • Cutting fruit on cutting board
  • Kid picking up assorted nuts
  • Apple covered with sugar candies on toothpicks
  • Kid eating candy strings
  • Kids stepping on grapes with bare feet

The strategies here are evidence-based and have been effective for many children. You can have kids eating adult foods such as cream cheese and stewed peppers. These are some of the strategies that we found that worked.

NOTE: The approach taken is just as important as the activity/strategy so check with a therapist that can help you fine tune how the strategies should be administered.

Download the PDF for Finicky Eaters: Strategies That Help

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