Find 5 Rocks

This sheet can be used in a variety of ways. We used it in a fine motor obstacle course. Kids reached into a sensory bin filled with sand and pulled out (while blind-folded) 5 rocks and traced and colored them.
Supplies: rocks, pencil or crayon
Other options:
OT: Have kids name each rock and write a coordinating sentence, or trace the rocks overlapping and then color only the overlapping portions.
PT: Place rocks in an obstacle course and have kids jump over them and then trace them- you can tape the paper on a wall. You can also have kids trace rocks while standing on a balance board.
ST: Pick out 5 rocks and trace them and then place a word in each rock. Now make a sentence with each of the word rocks on your page. You may have kids earn each of the 5 rocks by completing a speech task.
By engaging in different unexpected tasks, kids stay engaged. Wishing you happy therapy fun!
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