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File Folders are a great way to keep a wide variety of tasks in a small space. Use a variety of colors and textures such as tin foil, sand paper, and pipe cleaner. Put the task inside, laminate it, and you are ready to go!
Directions: Take a file folder and place cut out letters, numbers, shapes, or anything else you want the client to duplicate with the play Play Doh.
We included some additional ideas for you!
OT & PT: We would suggest using the play doh mat and each time the child completes a task, they can press a play doh ball onto the circles in the picture.
ST: This may be a way to encourage interest and tolerance for articulation and other speech tasks. They can also, place play doh balls on to circles in a picture that is laminated into the folder.
Parents: This can be a wonderful tool in your home work station (A sample station picture included).
Download PDF for File Folder: Play Doh Matching

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