Eye Communication Game

Game Directions: Each client places 1 or more dots around the room and then sits down. Have clients sit in chairs facing each other (in a circle). Have one client at a time indicate who they want to go retrieve 1 dot in particular by only using their eyes (no other movements or sounds). For example, the client may look at someone and wink to select a peer and then look toward the direction of the dot that they have placed in the room before everyone sat down. If they get a peer to retrieve it they get a point. You may choose to not let them pick the same peer twice depending on how many players there are.
This is a fun game for ages 5 to 95 and a wonderful way to improve facial awareness, communication, attention span, social awareness, and oculomotor movements.
OPTIONS: You may sit players in the middle of an obstacle course and instead of having them retrieve dots they can follow the dot trail  players leading to a particular station.

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