Exercise Ball: Drumming

  • Boy hitting yoga ball with drumsticks
  • Little girl hitting drumstick on yoga ball
  • Woman and little boy playing with drumsticks on yoga ball
  • Little girl using drum sticks on yoga ball

This is a wonderful tool to help with: auditory and visual motor processing, auditory defensiveness, rhythmic awareness, motor planning, group participation, socialization, alertness that can lead to calmness, and it is a mood elevator.
DIY Ball Stand: You can use a variety of bases, such as laundry baskets, pool life savers, pool noodles with the ends taped together, or larger cardboard boxes.
Rhythmic sticks recommended and music that is relatable to the clients that has a clear defined rhythm for starting out.
TIPS for Success: 1. Let them clap out a rhythm first.
2. Let them tap a rhythm with 1 stick then with 2 sticks.
3. Beat out the rhythm when the music starts and direct clients to listen first and then join in.
4. Demonstrate in advance what your cues will be. For example,” Travel”= while keeping in rhythm, walk to another peers ball and use it. “Share”= stand between 2 balls and tapping rhythm with 1 stick on each ball. “Return”= Go back to the starting position with the ball client started out with. “Double Time”= Tap out eighth notes instead of quarter notes. “Partner It”= Two people tap on the same ball, just different sides.
NOTE: This activity usually will increase alertness before it has a calming effect. It is important to start with strict clear rules and a good choice of music. Enjoy the fun!

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