Egg Carton FM Activities

Egg cartons are free and can be used many ways. You might like to try some of the options we provided on your printable. Let fine motor and thought organization run wild!

OPTIONS: Ice cube trays work well and you can have clients use tongs to pick up items to place into the egg spaces.

ST: It is easy enough to add speech elements when using egg cartons/ ice cube trays. Each child can have a carton in front of them and they pick up words from a pile and place one in each egg space as they master the word or use it in a sentence. [Note: letters etc. can be written cubes or glued to fuzz balls, marbles, etc.] You may want to place little sayings (like what you would find in a fortune cookie) on scraps of paper.
PT: These can be used while standing on a beam, kneeling on a rocker board, or reaching over parallel bars.
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Download the PDF for Egg Carton FM Activities

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