Dr. Seuss Socks

  • Paper sock with various shapes
  • Paper sock materials
  • Completed paper sock
  • Written paper socks
  • Clothes pinned Dr. Seuss sock
  • Finished Dr. Seuss sock
  • Gluing Dr. Seuss sock
  • Finished Dr. Seuss sock
  • Clothes pinned colorful Dr. Seuss socks

This activity can be presented several different ways. You can read a book to get everyone in the spirit or have kids use a keyboard to write down words or phrases on the theme and print and cut them out to paste on to their own Dr. Seuss sock. You may even use this template for a Christmas stocking. Thought organization, asymmetrical bilateral skills, and sensory challenges await.

TIP:  The more color you can add to your socks, the better.  Kids love coloring.
If you have created some special event therapy activities, share them with your Brilliant Therapy team!
Download the PDF for Dr. Seuss Socks

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