DIY Yarn Ball

  • Yarn ball on a string
  • Fingers wrapped in yarn
  • Removed yarn wrapping
  • Tying yarn ball with string
  • Cutting yarn ball
  • Cutting yarn ball

Yarn balls are a wonderful addition to a craft or obstacle course. Making them works on finger dexterity, concentration, and visual-motor skills. This activity can support shoe tying goals, LE strengthening and coordination.
1. Place two fingers together (option: with a piece of yarn between them for tying up the ball)
2. Wrap yarn around two fingers (as shown)
3. Slightly separate the two fingers that the yarn is wrapped around allowing the cut piece of yarn to stay in-between the wrapped yarn as you pull the two fingers away.
4. Tie the piece of yarn that goes thru the yarn that is wrapped into a circle together into a tight knot.
5. Use scissors to cut one end of the yarn circle.
6. Fluff all the yarn pieces around the tied yarn.

OPTIONS: You can blow them across the table or transfer them with your toes. It just depends on what skills you want to address.

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