DIY Paper Target Streamer Ball Toss

This one is a sensory camp favorite for therapists and clients young and old. The streamer is a wonderful way to help clients visually track the ball as it moves thru space.
DIRECTIONS: 1. Take colored butcher paper and tape it into your doorway.
2. Tape out squares and then cut an opening inside.
3. Tape a streamer or ribbon on to each ball.
4. Place a mark on the floor where clients can stand to throw the ball to the paper target.
OPTION: If you do not have butcher paper, try using a thin plastic table cloth and tape it to any doorway.
PT & OT: Add wrist weights if you need to upgrade for strength.
ST: Throw to words labeled onto the squares on your DIY Paper Target. It can be fun for sentence generation or articulation goals.
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