DIY Balance Beam

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Building your own balance beam can be fun and functional. A great gift to give to a school that does not have one of their own for kids to practice on.

*Two 2×4’s that are 6 feet long or longer
*2×4 that is cut up into two 18 inch or more pieces for the

Additional related ideas:
-Walk or hop forward and backwards on a beam
-Walk barefoot on a beam with vision eliminated by a blindfold
-Roll a ball down the length of a beam
-Lay supine on a beam
-Walk sideways on a beam
-Hop over a beam
-Jump side to side along the length of the beam
-Walk and use a Yo Yo while on the beam
-Walk them beam to the end that is perpendicular to a dry erase board and then draw on the board before hopping off.
-If you place carpet/padding on the beam, you can also do forward rolls on it as well. Now that is some great trunk alignment and body awareness and kids love the challenge. Spot them at the neck (it should always be flexed -chin to chest) and hips (you can spot them for safety). Check for any cervical or spine precautions such as these often accompany a Down Syndrome diagnosis.

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