Directed Draw for Line Awareness: Mountains

  • Woman Sitting on yoga ball drawing mountains on wall

With directed drawing, there is a picture or someone breaking down the picture that the client will draw into small increments. With this activity, you may start with drawing the bottom 4 horizontal lines, then keep adding on until the picture is complete. This picture was broken down into 4 steps to show you how it can be done. If you like this you may like doing the Directed Draw Bug or Reindeer. You can also use the pictures to point out what is missing for additional skill building. This pdf allows you to see how it can look when the picture is completely done. The Directed Draw Bug does helps with increasing auditory processing skills.

OT: This particular picture addresses parallel lines (for line awareness) and diagonal lines (which are challenging and help with writing letters A,W,R,K,V,Y, and Z.
PT: You may wonder why this is under activity tolerance. Try taping paper to the wall and having your client do a doodle task or this directed draw while they are building standing tolerance. For additional calf and ankle strength you can have clients stand on toes or tape the paper higher on the wall for an emphasis on trunk strength. This will help in functional walking abilities as well. A meaningful challenge and shoulder strengthening is an added benefit.

Download the PDF for Directed Draw for Line Awareness: Mountains

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