Direct Draw Turkey

  • Drawn turkey with blue background
  • Drawn turkey on grass with red background
  • Drawn turkey with red background
  • Drawn turkey flying

Directed drawing is a wonderful way to build skills and have fun at the same time. Spacial awareness, thought organization, direction following, visual motor integration and coordination are just a few things that are developed with this task.
Here is a turkey picture idea.
Direction Idea: You may want to start by drawing a circle for the head, then add his hat visor, followed by eyes, beak, and body. Finally, you may add, waddle, legs, and feather details.
Kids love to color what they draw and these birds are no exception. Kids 5 years old and up will enjoy this activity. Let them know anything that they do will be good, as long as they try.

Share your directed draw fun, with your Brilliant Therapy team! Together we make better therapy!

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