Dad U R Grape!

  • Paper puncher, plate, sheet with scissors, marker, and glue
  • Paper plate and sheet with scissors, marker, and glue
  • Gluing purple circles on paper plate
  • Feeding pipe cleaner stem through hole punched paper plate
  • U Are Pear-fect and You Are Grape projects

This therapy tool has some versatility. You can vary the supplies needed, and who you want to make your 3D card for (grandparents, friend, or self). Of course dad’s love this.
–1 paper plate (or card stock paper)
–Glue Stick
–Colored paper for grapes or use markers to color the paper before cutting)
–Pipe cleaner (for having craft on door knob)
–Marker for writing
TIP: If you do not have paper plates available, you can use a piece of card stock paper for your base.
PT: For basic mobility, have items for the craft placed along a counter where they have to walk to complete the activity.

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